It's All About ME! Perhaps, some kind of website?!

Welcome to my website. I started this site sometime during the summer of 2002, when I purchased my first digital camera. I later added pictures that a friend took during my first year in college. Keeping a website about oneself is certainly an egocentric thing to do. I believe that this project likely started out that way, but I hope that the pictures will one day expound a zeal for life more than a zeal for myself. Besides, nobody visits here anyway, so if I'm trying to gain fans, this isn't going to work. Unfortunately, there's no place for feedback yet, so if you would like to make comments or suggestions, just email me at I would love to hear from any visitors, especially those that I might not expect. Take care and enjoy!

My Life in Pictures (and text)Recommendation Lists

 Prelude: My First Year at UVA

 Summer 2002

 2nd Year Fall Semester

 Winter 2002-2003

 2nd Year Spring Semester

 Summer 2003

 4th Year Fall Semester

 4th Year Spring Semester

 Drunken Interlude

 Summer 2004

 Epic 2004

 Madison Winter 2004-2005

 Summer 2005

 Winter 2005-2006

 Spring 2006

 Summer 2006

 The Great Journey 2006

 Winter Recovery 2006-2007

 California Early 2007

 Settling Into Pasadena 2007

 Summer 2007

 Fall 2007

 Winter 2007-2008

 Spring 2008

 Summer 2008

 Fall 2008

 Winter 2008-2009

 Spring 2009

 Summer 2009

 Fall 2009

 Winter 2009-2010

 My Life as CyPace [Spring and Summer 2010]

 Fall 2010

 Vagabond Part I

 Winter 2010-2011

 Spring 2011

 Summer 2011

 Fall 2011

 Winter 2011-2012

 Spring 2012

 Summer 2012

 Fall 2012

 Winter 2012-2013

 Spring 2013

 Summer 2013

 Fall 2013

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 Colin's Recommended Listening List

 Colin's Recommended Movieing List

 Colin's Recommended Gaming List

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 Colin's Recommended Free Software List

 Colin's Top Photos


 Rock Climbing Prelude (Pre-2008)

 Rock Climbing Season 1 (2008)

 Rock Climbing Season 2 (2009)

 Rock Climbing Season 3 (2010): The Non-Season of Injury

 Rock Climbing Season 4 (2011)

 Rock Climbing Season 5 (2012)

 Whitewater Kayaking Season 1 (2011)


 Colin's Calorie Restriction Journal

 My Favorite (Vegetarian) Recipes

 Places I've Discovered: The Legacy of Colin Parker

 Sources of Inspiration (Unmaintained)